Pentair 188592 Quad D.E. Cartridge Style D.E. Pool Filter

Are you searching for the best way to make your pool clean for a prolonged time? Are you tired of investing more money in replacing the filter cartridge every month? If so, then here is the right solution for you in the form of D.E filters for cleaning pools easily. It is the famous method for filtering the impurities in hot tub water and swimming pool. Though the initial investment seems to be a little bit costlier, you can able to save more money on long-run.

Pentair 188592 Quad D.E. Cartridge Style D.E. Pool Filter, 60 Square Foot, 120 GPM is highly efficient and developed to eliminate all kinds of impurities present in the water including sunscreen, hair, leaves, dirt, grass, body oils and other bacteria types. Pool filters manufactured by Pentair are found in three types such as sand filters, DE filters, and Cartridge type. Pentair manufactures offers various filter models in order to suit the in-ground and above ground swimming pools.

Cartridge pool filters developed by Pentair are cost-effective, basic and easy-to-maintain. These cartridge filters have a spectacular design with verified effectiveness so it can easily absorb micro impurities present in the pool water with utmost convenience. The maintenance of the swimming pool is very easy that is you must open, remove the cartridge, clean and reinstall. These pool filters come with chemical-resistant tank & colorless cartridge.

Description Of D.E Filter

Diatomaceous Earth (D.E) cartridge style filters have been developed for providing clean water in the swimming pool. However, cartridge filters are quite famous for their easy-cleaning features and convenience. Due to this reason, Pentair has brought the best way to provide the best aspect in terms of swimming pool cleaning. The Pentair 188592 Quad D.E. Cartridge Style D.E. Pool Filter, 60 Square Foot, 120 GPM encompasses four cartridges which are easily removable and accessible. When the water enters into these cartridges, the smaller impurities like algae, dirt and other kinds of bacteria seems to be filtered out and hence provide you the water which makes your pool to sparkles really.

The 4-cartridge design of the pool filter greatly enhances the internal surface area of the filter which means greater cleaning capacity without a boost in canister size. This pool filter comes with 3 options such as remove & rinse off the pool cartridges, backwash & recharge the conventional D.E filter or just remove the lid, let the cartridge be in the place, just open drain plug & rinse. The Pentair 188592 Quad D.E. Cartridge Style D.E. Pool Filter, 60 Square Foot, 120 GPM comes with the combination of cartridge element and diatomaceous earth to offer enhanced water clarity and better performance. Since the D.E filter eliminates the small contaminants & particles which are smaller than 5 microns. Furthermore, you can have crystal-clear water in your pool for several years.

Features Of Pentair Quad D.E Pool Filter

  • 60 Square-foot of D.E Pool Filter
  • 2-inch plumbing for secure and simple water flow
  • 4 large-capacity Quad cartridge offer maximized filter surface area for utmost dirt-trapping capability
  • Quickly removable cartridge parts to ease maintenance and save your precious time.
  • Striking almond-colored filter tank suits any backyard environment
  • Highly durable polyester cartridge media of 8-oz which has super-slick surfaces and makes it quite easy to clean the pool compared to traditional cartridge filters
  • 120 gallons/minute flow rate
  • Distinct internal flow path offers optimum filtration & backwashing efficiency
  • One year warranty
  • Cartridges are developed using slick surfaces so it easily rinses off the dirt. Take off & rinse, or rinse by keeping the cartridge in place or recharge and backwash like conventional D.E. filter.
  • Water flows into Quad D.E. filters effectively so that the pump will make use of lesser energy
  • Chemical resistant, polypropylene tank with fiberglass-reinforced for exceptional long-life and strength.

Specifications Of D.E Cartridge Pool Filter

  • This pool filter comes with 22x22x33.5 inches
  • The shipping weight of the product is 65.5 pounds
  • Comes with easily removable cartridge elements
  • Four cartridges offer dirt-trapping capacity and utmost filter surface area
  • Fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene tank with chemical resistant to get exceptional durability and longer life
  • Easy to maintain and offer excellent performance.

What Is Known As DE Filter & How It Works?

A Diatomaceous Earth (D.E) swimming pool filter is a quite effective filter which is designed in such a way to filer your impurities in the water to about 3 to 5 microns. This filter significantly offers more filtration capability compared to any other pool filter type. However, these filters resemble like huge canisters which seal shut and hence be connected with the water pipes of the pool. You will see a canister on the pool filter which has pronged manifold piece so that the individual grids are connected with each and every prong.

The D.E. filter operates similarly to that of the cartridge filter with a huge difference. At first, the filter will measure the need for water filtration by analyzing the pressure of the filter at a specified time. An important component in the DE filter is pressure Gauge and most of the filters come with a single pressure gauge. The canister tank which has manifold inside it encompasses numerous fabric grids that are same as the pleated media of cartridge filter.

By setting up the filter, D.E is poured in the tank & facilitated to move all over the pool until it places on the fabric grids. By doing so, it can easily filter out the impurities effectively than that of how grids perform on their own. Due to this reason, D.E is regarded as the real filter media for this filter type and not fabric grids.

Is It Good To Invest In Pentair D.E Filters?

When a pool owner decides to invest a huge sum of money in creating a swimming pool then he is sure to get utmost benefits for a prolonged period.  However, it is quite possible only when the utmost care is taken to clean the pool regularly. Implementing a well-designed Pentair 188592 Quad D.E. Cartridge Style D.E. Pool Filter, 60 Square Foot, 120 GPM for your pool will tend to solve half of the problem & the other half will be easily solved by applying regular maintenance of swimming pool.

Today’s market is filled with wide range of pool filter options so customers will get confused to make a choice. Pentair Pool cartridge filter is one of the highly preferred pool filters because it has wonderful features that execute water purification process in an easy way. Furthermore, you can decide the filter type (cartridge, sand or D.E) according to your needs. Here are some important features found in this filter:

  • Better Filtration: The process of better filtration is achieved when the manual air-relief valve, as well as fiberglass polypropylene tank, has high-flow water in the uninterrupted environment by offering internal air-relief. This aids in eliminating the unwanted air & provide better filter functioning.
  • Long-Lasting: As you know very well that filter life is based on the frequency in which swimming pool filter is employed. The average life period of Pentair pool cartridge filter will be 2 to 5 years after that it must be replaced. Whenever you find inefficiency in the functioning of the filter type, you need not replace the whole filter rather you can choose for replacing filter cartridge to make your pool water clean.
  • All-in-One: Investing your money in Pentair pool cartridge filter is considered as the wise decision because these cartridges are developed by means of modern technologies, easy-to-maintain, offer wonderful performance and are reasonably priced.
  • Huge Surface Area: The cartridge filters have big surface area compared to the conventional sand filters so that they can make clogging to a minimum & clean the water in best possible manner. The filter components easily absorb the impurities found in the pool water and thus leaves the crystal-clear
  • Wide Variety: A pool must consider the requirements of getting pool filter before selecting a best one. You can choose the pool filter depending on your needs and specifications.
  • Easy-To-Clean & Maintain: The Filter cartridges are quite easy to handle & hence it can be easily removed and cleaned. Moreover, you need not employ special cleaning tools because the filter can be cleaned easily with a hose.


  • Quite easy to clean the filter without removing all the parts separately
  • Being a moderate-size filter, it does not need more D.E to function properly
  • This filter comes with complete accessories, pump and everything which you want to install & make use of the filter in the proper
  • It can clean your pool easily than other filters


  • Replace of cartridge filter equipment is costly compared to grid-style filters
  • If the filter is not maintained properly then D.E might tend to float in the pool.


Thus the Pentair 188592 Quad D.E. Cartridge Style D.E. Pool Filter, 60 Square Foot, 120 GPM with plenty of uses of the swimming pool owners and there are numerous reasons to buy. It is the best option for the swimming pool owners who wish to save more money in terms of the long-run operation of pool cleaning. This filter ensures to offer clean water than ever before. By using a D.E filter, you need not worry about including microfilter to enhance the water quality.


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