Pentair 160301 Clean & Clear Plus Fiberglass Reinforced Polypropylene Tank Cartridge Pool Filter

In order to clean the swimming pool, the swimming pool owners need to buy the perfect pool filter for cleaning purpose. In the market, there are different varieties of the pool filters available at the reasonable price. You can buy the filter that required for the pool. First, you can concern the pool size and then pick up the best filter that suits for your budget.  The users can buy the pool filter based on the size of the pool. The price range of the pool filter is varied due to the capacity, specification, and features associated with the filter.

You can look at some important things while choosing the pool filter. It takes the proper time to clean the pool in a perfect manner. When it comes to buying the pool filter, you can consider the features and specification of the filter. With it, you can get an idea to buy the filter as you like. You can check the cost of the filter and then go to purchase the best filter. You can choose the one that easy to clean the pool within the short amount of time. You can buy the large capacity pool filter that removes the dust and debris completely:

About the Pentair 160301 Clean & Clear Plus Fiberglass Cartridge Pool Filter:

It is the highly demanded filter in the marketplace. It is used for only residential purpose. There I a separate pool filter available for the residential and commercial use. Based on your needs, you can simply go and pick up the perfect cartridge pool filter system for the residential swimming pool. The people mainly choose this one for the great feature and specification. It works well for the user needs. You can keep an eye on how to the cartridge pool filter works. This type of pool filter system is designed with the 420 square feet filter capacity.

This is better for the pool owners to clean the large amount of debris, dust, and stains in the swimming pool. This one completely eliminates the dust particles present in the pool. You can check the overall performance of the filter. This kind of filter has the great pool cartridge capacity. With it, the people can reliably clean the pool. You can reduce the risk of frequency of cartridge cleaning. It becomes necessary for everyone to clean and maintain the pool. It gives the perfect result to the pool owners. It helps you a lot and gives the excellent pool in your home.

Concern the features of the Pentair 160301 Clean & Clear filter:

It is the mandatory aspect for the pool owners before buying the pool filter. It is the perfect source to remove the large collection of the debris in the swimming pool. On the other hand, you can make the regular cleaning in a simple way. The fresh water gives many benefits to your health. You should keep in your mind when cleaning the pool. You can filter that useful for the residential pool cleaning purpose. You can take time to find out the best one that highly recognized by the people. You can easy to clean the pool once in a month.  It gives the convenient things to the pool owners. Below are some of the features of the clean and clear cartridge pool.

  • It keeps up the effective filtration area that requires 420 square feet and flow rate is 150 GPM.
  • It has the balanced hydraulic flow and tension control clamp.
  • It has the superior strength that provides the great flow of internal air and drains clean out port.
  • It maintains large filter area that best for the enhanced dirt capacity.
  • It manages the high flow manual air relied value.
  • The continuous high flow air relief makes sure the safety and efficiency of the filter.
  • The injection molded design is good for the long lasting strength.
  • The clean out ports is best for the easy maintenance of the filter.
  • It makes use of the clean and clear plus cartridge filter.

Pros and cons of Pentair 160301 Clean & Clear Plus cartridge filter:

Before buying any kind of filter, you can check the pros and cons of the filter. It is very important for the buyers to select the best one. You can choose the best filter that suitable for your investment. It is good value for your money.


  • It simply removes the small particles when compared to the sand filter.
  • It cuts down the energy cost when used.
  • The large filter area is easy to clean the fine and small particles.
  • No money required for the maintenance
  • It is less tear and wear on the pool equipment.
  • No backwashing is needed for the filter.
  • It saves the user from the electricity bill.


  • It requires the high maintenance cost.
  • It is not suitable for the commercial swimming pool.
  • The filter needs to be replaced for every three years once

This kind of filter is the great choice for you to keep the pool always clean and fresh. You can know the operating procedure of the pool filter. You can put effort to find the right one for pool cleaning. It helps you to minimize the energy cost.

Keep the pool water clean and clear:

If you are searching the best filter, the Pentair 160301 Clean & Clear cartridge filter is perfect for you. With it, you can clean the pool once in a month or week based on your convenience. The Clean & Clear Plus cartridge filter is featured with the

  • Injection molded
  • Fiberglass reinforced
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Polypropylene filter tank and others

You can consider the strength and reliability of the filter before making the decision to buy such kind of filter. This type of filter does not need the backwashing. With the help of the filter, you can reduce the water consumption. It is not suitable for the flow rate above 150 GPM. You can check it and install the filter in your pool. The people can make use of the clamp ring for the easy and immediate access to the cartridges. The polypropylene tank is designed with the perfect strength and corrosion resistance.

The plumbing is used for the great flow and quick water cleaning. One can make the ideal winterization in a simple and fast manner. The tank valves are secured with the great clamp ring. You can just loose the ring and remove the top half. This methodology is best for the cartridge access and rinsing. The filter maintenance is quite hassle. You can know the proper way to maintain the filter. You can gain the safety measure to operate the filter safely. The filter offers enough filter surface area to remove the dirt and stains in the swimming pool.

The manufacturer ensures the durable materials that expand the life of the cartridge filter. It provides the super grade performance that maintains the pool clean and clear. It gives the good result to the users. The users can read more about it and buy the filter according to the pool size. You can check the elements present in the filter and then go to visit the reputable store to purchase the better filter for your pool.

Pick up the best size filter:

This is an important concern for the users to know the working principles of the filter. The cartridge filtration requires less time to clean the pool as you like. You can consult with others to buy the filters for your needs. This one is accepted by many people throughout the world. The pool filters can be measured as per the pool size. You can choose the filter that required for the specific pool only. This is the best great choice for you. The Pentair 160301 Clean & Clear cartridge pool filter is suitable for the residential use only.

Maintenance of the cartridge filter:

The maintenance is important for improving the life span of the filter. You can follow the proper maintenance procedure to maintain the filter. You can concern the below steps and maintain the filter.  The filter needs the frequent cleaning. You can clean the filter on the regular basis and improve the great look of the filter. The maintenance process requires simple procedure and cleans it well.

  • You can make sure that the filter is in turn off position.
  • Whether the filter is beneath the pool water level, you can check that the valves are closed and drain out the water.
  • You can open up the air bleed valve and drain port to drain the water.
  • You can open the filter and eliminate the cart.
  • After that, you can rinse the water in the filter tank and clean it thoroughly.
  • You can wash the carts by using pipe and again assemble the filter.
  • You can close the drain port and turn on the pump to clean the pool.
  • You can check that the air bleed valve is closed properly while the water starts running out in the valve.
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