Hayward EC50C93S Perflex1.5 HP D.E. Filter Pump System

Who does not want to have a healthy pool, which is free of dirt and bacteria? However, the manual cleaning of the swimming pool without the filter will turn into the dirty mess soon. Your swimming pool will remain the dirt and bacteria without the filter pump.

This will make your pool a breeding platform for the diseases quickly rather than being a healthy environment.  Because of this, the use of the filter pump system comes into play and unavoidable as well.

There are plenty of reasons to purchase the best swimming pool filter. However, the main reasons are:

  • Swimming pool filter pump removes insects and dirt from the pool
  • It improves the chemical distribution to combat bacteria

Due to this, the filter pump system becomes one of the vital components of your swimming pool. When you use the pool a lot, it is crucial to filter the pool adequately. The amount of filtering time actually depends on the filter, which has been installed.

You need to choose the filter installation according to the equipment capacity and volume of your pool. Additionally, ensure that your swimming pool passes water through the filter thoroughly every 4hours.

To find out the filter capacity, look at the flow rate, which can be handled by the filter pump and filter. Typically, both of these will be same but ensure they are close to each other in terms of the capacity. All these things make you understand the importance of filter pump system for your pool.

Choose the best filter pump system in the ground

Once you have decided to purchase the filter pump system for your swimming pool, you have to do some research on the internet. Since there is the huge availability of filter pump in the market, it is quite hard to select the right one based on your needs.

This is why you should do proper research and figure out the product, which meets your pool needs and your preferences. If you find the perfect filter pump for your pool, you will enjoy plenty of benefits.

At present, many pool owners wish to purchase Hayward EC50C93S Perflex1.5 HP D.E. Filter Pump System. It is because Hayward pumps are highly advantageous and value for money in the market. In this article, you will get to know everything about Hayward EC50C93S Filter Pump System.

Reasons to choose Hayward filter pump system

Hayward is recognized as the industry leader for offering innovative products in the industry. They always offer high performance and energy efficient pumps for their customers. They used to engineer products with the components, which molded the corrosion-proof PermaGlass XL for additional protection and long life. Furthermore, their pumps also equipped with a heavy-duty motor for efficient, cool and quiet operation.

All the Hayward pumps designed and engineered to stand-up in the current highly demanding installations and setting the new performance standard for the swimming pool pumps.  As the company provides the latest pool filter technology in their products, it ensures the pool water clean and clear.  With the simple filter design and high-performance operation, it delivers all-weather and reliable performance with the minimal care.

A brief note on Hayward EC50C93S Perflex D.E. Filter Pump System

Hayward EC50C93S Perflex above ground D.E. filter pump system is performance matched with the innovative Power-Flo matric pumps in order to make sure the maximum filtration ability. This advanced filtration system is engineered to operate with less resistance when compared to traditional units. Therefore, it delivers more filtered water using the less pump horsepower. In addition to, it also offers the most efficient and deepest clean pool by removing pollen and dust.

For taking care of debris and dirt the first time, you will need to run the filter pump system fewer hours per day. This will add up big savings on your energy usage and bill as well. This D.E filter patented Flex tubes trap impurities and dirt when the pressure develops and the flow is decreased. This system also cleans the water without dismantling and backwashing the filter. It is possible with the usage of diatomite. Hence, you can save hundreds of gallons of treated swimming pool water.

With its Pump-to-filter connection, it offers simple filter installation and winterization. Its corrosion-proof ABS modular system accepts AutoTime timer and optional chlorine feeder. This pump system also provides high-quality water clarity, dependability, extended filter cleaning, and energy efficient pool all around the year. It comes along with industrial-size strainer basket to gather lots of dirt and debris without more maintenance.

The greatest news for above ground pool owners is the PowerFlo matrix filter pump by Hayward. The PowerFlo Matrix has been designed uniquely for the aboveground pool pump. This versatile filter pump easily changes from the horizontal to vertical discharge and even back again without the single button push. Its integrated styling and a large profile make the PowerFlo matrix pump like no other.

Exclusive bump handles activates the flex tubes. This makes them purge dirt and powder instantly. Patented FlexTube system reuses DE powder instantly to form fresh pool surface. Combination of lower mixing chamber and diffuser designed to deliver the uniformed coating of the DE on the Flex tubes. Use of DE filter powder, which is the most efficient dirt remover for swimming pool

Features of Hayward EC50C93S Perflex1.5 HP D.E. Filter Pump System

  • Hayward part number is EC50C93S
  • Simple installation and winterization
  • Pump-to-filter union connection
  • 50gallon per minute flow rate
  • 5incfh plumbing connections
  • Corrosion-proof and modular platform base
  • No backwashing
  • Perflex needs bumping only
  • Base accepts chlorine feeder optional
  • Flex-tubes clean themselves with the pump instantly
  • Bump handle quickly activates bump mechanism
  • FlexTube filter components reuse DE efficiently
  • Has SP0723 deluxe drain valve
  • Includes Perflex EC50AC DE Filter
  • Comes along with 2 – 1.5″ x 6′ hoses, hose adapters, clamps
  • Package includes Power-Flo Matrix 1.5 HP Pump with cord

Pros of buying Hayward EC50C93S Perflex DE filter pump

  • This pool filter system is more powerful when compared to cartridge and sand filter available in the ground
  • It comes with the hoses, connectors, timer, base, filter, and pump. Thus, you no need to buy anything
  • Customers who have purchased this filter reported that it is working up to 5years without any problem
  • Once the filter is installed, you can run it for up to 7-10years with basic maintenance and regular cleaning
  • This DE filter is more eco-friendly and affordable as well
  • Cleans the swimming pool fast and even removes the smallest particles
  • Pump-to-filter union connection offers winterization and simple installation
  • Has exclusive bump handle to purge dirt and powder
  • Patented flex tube system reuses DE power and dirt mixture efficiently
  • Has modular base to accept optional chlorine feeder
  • Quality parts and molding offer value for your money and last longer

Things you need to know about Hayward Perflex DE filter pump system

What is DE?

DE (also called as diatomaceous earth) is one of the most efficient and well-known dirt removers for swimming pool filtration. Usually, it is fed into the pump system via the skimmer when the filter starts initially. After that, it drained from the filters when it can no longer remove dirt from the pool water efficiently. The Hayward Perflex DE filter offers deepest and efficient clean. It also removes microscopic pollen and dust, which are 100times smaller than the grain of salt.

 How does Hayward Perflex DE filter clean the pool water?

The Hayward Perflex DE filter becomes unique filter because of the patented Flex Tubes. DE filter powder coats the tubes and then traps impurities and dirt because they pass via the filter. If the collected dirt builds up the pressure as well as decreases the flow, traditionally filter needs backwashing. However, the Hayward Perflex DE filter simply move the exclusive bump handle up and down for few times to activate Flex-Tubes automatically.

It repositions the dirt within the filter and extends the filter cycle to obtain the optimum result. Through the superior bump action, DE regenerated occasionally and the filter cycle extended because of no need to change powder. Once the filter powder is used completely, the bump action makes the filtered water drain without dismantling and backwashing the filter using the diatomite.

How to prepare Hayward Perflex DE to filter for first use

You have to follow below-mentioned things before starting the Hayward Perflex DE filtration system.

  • Get the supply of the swimming pool chemicals, DE and then pool test kit. You should use only the pool grades of DE such as AQUA-CEL, CELATOM, WITCO, etc
  • By adding the liquid chlorine or unstabilized granular, you have to super chlorinate the swimming pool water. For normal regular usage, stabilized form of swimming pool chlorine is highly recommended after the initial clean up of the pool water. Do not forget to follow manufacturer’s instructions for super chlorination and regular use
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