Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin Triton plus robotic pool cleaner is famous for cleaning in-ground pools within 50 feet in length. The Dolphin Triton vacuums, scrubs, and filter all sorts of pool surfaces & comes with a self-programmable feature for optimum pool scanning to make sure that the pool will be cleaned in 2 hours time. This cleaner is absolutely easy-to-use with the utility of simple plug and plays technology. Just plug the robotic cleaner and push the button to start & watch how it goes. The Dolphin Triton plus is a best robotic cleaner with patented technology and exceptional features at a reasonable rate.

There are not many connections towards the pool system or requirement for pre-installation. You can just operate it on normal 2-hour cleaning cycle or just 1-hour quick clean cycle. This Triton plus cleaner features Powerstream technology which offers improved pin-point turning & climbing capabilities for in-depth cleaning of waterline, cove, walls, and pool floor. The Triton plus cleaner will scan your swimming pool & view its dimensions, size, and shape in order to cover most parts of area efficiently and effectively. Additionally, the superior anti-tangle software assists in ensuring that the cord remains free & clear to ensure full pool coverage.

Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Maytronics Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Major Highlights Of Dolphin Triton

  • Dolphin Triton Plus is 50% lighter compared to the previous model
  • Extra-huge easy-to-clean net basket
  • Ability to clean and climb walls and scrub floor and walls
  • Software-enabled tangle-free algorithms
  • This unit features easy-setup ability of 2.5-hours & 1-hour cycle which cleans entire corners of the pool.
  • For pools about 50 feet, this device arrives with a 60-feet swivel cord that is tangle-free.
  • The Dolphin Triton consumes 5 % of energy per hour & it is 8 times more efficient compared to pressure and suction cleaners.
  • Quick & debris-free water release system
  • Comes with easy to fix modular technology for doing repair works easily

Unique Features

Weekly Timer

The automatic weekly timer of this product is quite convenient. With this feature, you can see your work outside of your house. This weekly timer offers you the utmost confidence that your entire pool will be thoroughly cleaned and it is kept ready for use anytime. There are two means for setting the weekly timer that is either by using a smartphone app or connecting the control unit to the cleaner through cable.

The control unit has 3 handy buttons which really ease scheduling. The first button makes the cleaner to clean automatically 24×7, the second button is kept for cleaning every other day and the third button is kept for every three days time. Most of the pool owners find every day & every other day settings as the ideal one. When the week gets over, you need to manually choose the chosen timer again. This timer is great plus point for those who will not be in residence to manually operate the cleaner. You need not wait for the weekend to clean your pool.

Two Cleaning Modes

If your pool is kept untidy at the bottom, then what will you do? If such situation occurs, you need not worry as Dolphin Triton plus is considered as the wonderful solution. Typically, it functions for 2-hour cycle duration. By selecting this mode of cleaning, the robotic cleaner tends to clean nook and corner of the pool including stairs, floor, and walls.

Furthermore, it has a quick clean mode to clean the pool instantly for last-minute visitors. In this mode, the cleaning strategy will be performed for the duration of 1 hour. But it only cleans the floor, thus leaving the steps and walls for the 2-hour cycle. This mode of cleaning is quite handy when the swimming pool is not too dirty and when you are in need of quick scrubbing.

Inclusion Of Two Filter Sets

The Dolphin Triton plus arrives with 2 sets of filters. They comprise 4 ultra-fine filters and 4 fine filters. You can also select from the combination of 4 filters according to the type of cleaning you need. For usual cleaning, most of the users recommend placing two fine filters & 2-ultra fine filters. This filter will absorb all types of debris of varying sizes from large leaves to small algae. Replacement of filter is quite easy & it takes only a few minutes.

Access To Topmost Filter Basket

The filter is really huge. It is much bigger compared to that available on the compact robot cleaner similar to this. In order to access the basket, you just lift up the top cover & the handle of basket springs upwards. After that, you can easily take it out & clean. Moreover, the bottom panel will be opened downwards to collect debris and leaves from it.

You can clean the filter basket using the hose and then place the basket again into the cleaner. Placing it back is quite easy as take it off.

Swivel Cables

The patented swivel cables of Dolphin eliminate tangled cables forever! When the dolphin moves over the pool, the swivel ensures that the cable stays clear and free, and thus allow for complete pool coverage. It means that you need not deal with the pool areas which are missed because of tangled cable. There is no hassle in terms of cleaning from start till end.

Anti-Tangling Algorithms

Maytronics has been upgraded with plenty of features inside the Dolphin Triton plus robotic cleaner. One such feature which was upgraded was swivel cable. The engineers have something innovative in their mind. As a result, they have formulated algorithms which can able to maintain the long cable from tangling as dolphin performs its work.

It is the first robotic cleaner which has included famous hardware solution in the system which employs smart anti-tangle algorithms. This algorithm is not only fancy solution but it is also quite effective as well.

Basic Remote Control

Another significant feature of this device is basic remote control. The remote control facilitates you facilitate easy navigation through touch-guiding the robot cleaner. It features the ability to choose between normal 2.5 hours slow mode and 1-hour fast mode. By choosing both models, the unit can able to cover the whole pool. Additionally, you can pre-set the whole week cleaning process by just simple button press. However, you can easily the clean pool for every 24, 72 and 48 hours for three consecutive cycles.

Fine Cleaning Ability

When it comes to cleaning, there is a primary feature which makes the robotic cleaner to stand apart from rest other products. Maytronics denote is as powerstream. It is specifically designed to enhance the vertical climbing ability of robot and thus letting it to each attain & clean the waterline and wall. The powerstream will be activated when the cleaner starts its vertical climb.

Multiple powerful water-jets are emitted in various directions thus pressing the robot against the wall. The extra-strong grip let the Dolphin Triton plus cleaner to easily navigate vertically & reach every corner of the wall will get confused or falling down. The powerstream creates a massive difference in terms of vertical cleaning.

Full Pool Scanning

To offer thorough cleaning, the Dolphin cleaner is well-equipped with inbuilt software which systematically cleans the whole pool irrespective of the pool surface and shape. It is same as the GPS present in the vehicle thus tells you the most appropriate path to take from the starting location until the end of destination. The dolphin Triton will easily scan your swimming pool & view its dimensions, size, and shape to maximize the coverage area during the cleaning process.


  • Well-equipped with Bluetooth connection
  • Weekly Timer
  • Weighs 17 pounds
  • Perform full 2-hour cleaning cycle & rapid 1-hour clean cycle
  • Dimensions of the product are 16.77×16.38×8.97 inches
  • This product has 24 months warranty
  • It is designed for in-ground pool cleaning and cleans up to 50 feet
  • Cleaning, wall-climbing and absorbing large debris
  • Extra-large and easy-to-clean dual-level cartridge filters


  • The device scrubs, filters and vacuums the pools simultaneously
  • This product comes with caddy so it makes transportation much hassle-free and easier
  • It consumes less amount of electricity
  • Comes with a filter cartridge technology which is easy-to-clean
  • Quite effective in cleaning your swimming pool
  • There is no need of connecting with pool pump
  • Quite affordable product


  • The in-built filter seems to be very small for holding huge debris
  • In some cases, there will be need for additional bag when the pool get occupied by leaves


Though Dolphin Triton plus Robotic pool cleaner is not cheap but it is highly preferred product because of its impressive features and specifications. By investing in this beneficial product, you can sure to get tidy pool floor which you want for. With significant features, you can able to clean the floor without worrying about time and money. It is the best cleaner compared to most other cleaners available in the market.

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