Best Pool Pumps 2018 – Pool Pump Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Pool Pumps 2018 – Pool Pump Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Do you wish to maintain your swimming pool free of dirt and debris? Do you have proper equipment and tools to keep pool water clean and pool tiles free from dirt deposition and corrosion? In the ground, you will see several swimming pool cleaning tools.

Among them, swimming pool pump is one of the worthwhile and must have equipment. It does not matter, whatever type of swimming pool you have, you should have a decent pool pump in order to make sure the pool water quality and good filtration.

The pool pump operation is controlling the entire operation of the swimming pool. The cleaning system cannot function and the pool water cannot filter often when the main pump is not available. Therefore, it is vital to have the best swimming pool pump.

Investing in the pool pump not only keep your swimming pool clean but make also make you swim comfortably and safely. Do you decide to purchase the best pool pump 2018? However, are you unfamiliar with the best pool pump brand?

Do you not know how to choose the best above ground pool pump/in–ground pool pump based your pool need? If so, then do not worry! This buying guide will help let you know everything about the pool pumps and the best pool pump reviews.

What is the best pump for the swimming pool?

The swimming pool owner always searches the best pump for cleaning and filtering the water from the pool. Now, there are different ranges of pumps available in the market today. Each and every one is designed with the famous manufacturer. If you need to buy the pool, it is important to know the best pool pump brand. Without the pump, one cannot make the operating in the pool. You cannot filter the water in the pool adequately. You can properly install the pool pump and access the guide to use it.

The pool pumps are available in different forms in the market today. You can thoroughly check the important features associated with the pool pump. It is very important for you to get the best pool pump for your requirements. You can take the perfect advice from someone’s to buy the pump.  They provide the best ideas to buy the pool pump. You can know the best one and get it from the right resource.

How We Picked The Best Pool Pump?

It is the necessary aspect of the buyers those who want to buy the pool pump. In order to pick up the branded one, you can first access the right guide. With the advent of the technology, you can search the handpicked collection of the pool pumps through the internet. It is the right resource to find out the best highly recommended pump for the swimming pool. With the proper search, you can gain what is the best pool pump on the market.

It is important to check the price range of the different pumps. You can pick up the best pump in a smart way. Some stores provide the best deals and discount offers for buying the pump. This is very useful for you to buy the pump with the better price range. Utilizing the right guide is the best way to pick the best pump for the swimming pool. You should keep some things in your mind and get the suitable pumps. There is a separate pump available for the different swimming pool. You can concern it and then make final decision to buy the pool pump.

Top 10 Best Pool Pump reviews 2018

The pool pump is the necessary piece for the swimming pool. If you keep up the swimming pool in your home, it is necessary to buy the best pool pumps that suitable for the budget. You can make the proper search the buy the better one for swimming pool. It plays a major role in the pool. Before buying the best one, there are lots of things one should consider and then make the right decision to get the best pool pump. The best pool pump is available at the reasonable price. You can pick up the highly demanded pool pump in the market.

1. Hayward SP2610X15 Super Pump 1.5 HP Pool Pump

Hayward SP2610X15 Super Pump 1.5 HP Pool Pump

Hayward SP2610X15 Super Pump 1.5 HP Pool Pump

The Hayward super pump is the technology advanced pump. It comes up the combination of effective design and heavy duty construction. This is the best inground pool pump that suitable for any types of swimming pool. This is highly demanded one in the industry because of the performance and reliability. It is designed with the excellent swing knobs that become for removing the strainer covers. It is the useful pump for the people to easily clean and maintain. You don’t worry to maintain the pool. It is designed with the holding capacity that better for cleaning and maintaining purpose.

The best in ground pool pump is easy to install at the proper place. You can make use of the internal components to install the pump. It keeps up the strong motor that provides the good result to the users. It reduces the noise with the help of the air flow ventilation. On the other hand, it offers the cool operation and stops the pump against overheating. It is made up of the industrial ceramic seal that improves the life of the pump. This super pump manages all the quality features that best for the efficient performance.

2. Hayward SP15932S PowerFlo Matrix 1.5 HP Dual-Speed Above-Ground Swimming Pool Pump

Hayward SP15932S PowerFlo Matrix 1.5 HP Dual-Speed Above-Ground Swimming Pool Pump

Hayward SP15932S PowerFlo Matrix 1.5 HP Dual-Speed Above-Ground Swimming Pool Pump

The dual speed pump is related to the single speed pump. It uses the induction style motor that offers low as well as high speed. The best above ground pool pump and filter are very helpful for the debris collection. This one requires less maintenance. It has the heavy duty motors that provide high performance. It ensures the automatic thermal overload protector that the pump works well for a long time. It is considered as energy efficient pump that manages secure rear mounted switch. You can easily change from vertical to horizontal discharge and vise versa.

This one collects large debris with the aid of the industrial size strainer. It has the high performance impeller with the large opening in order to avoid the clogging by means of the debris and leaves. The best energy efficient pool pump is best for the above and inground pool. You can easily connect it to the pool. You can save the money and time with the excellent features. This is worth for your investment and you get the valuable and quality pump to your swimming pool. The manufacturer designs this one according to the buyer’s needs.  You can visit the best store to buy the pump.

3. Hayward SP2302VSP Max-Flo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump, 230 Volt, Single Phase, Energy Star Certified

Hayward SP2302VSP Max-Flo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump, 230 Volt, Single Phase, Energy Star Certified

Hayward SP2302VSP Max-Flo VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump, 230 Volt, Single Phase, Energy Star Certified

Before buying any type of pool pump, you can make a close look at the review of the best variable speed pool pump. It is important for the buyers to pick up the right one that suits their budget. When compared to other oversized pumps, the Max Flo VS is the perfect choice for those who need the best pool pump. This kind of pool pump offers great energy savings. It fulfills the needs of the industrial regulation. You can get the best features of the pool and the get the best one. The energy star certified is the main highlight of the pool pump.

It offers the incredible efficiency and reliability with the enclosed fan cooled motor. This is the best rated variable speed pool pump that makes sure easy removal of debris and leaf. It is designed with the build in time clock that ensures the programming easier. You can operate the pump at any speed. The people highly prefer to buy this one for its energy efficient features. It provides the best performance to the users and never utilizes too much energy. The enclosed fan cooled motor provides the great lifespan of the motor.

4. Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo Variable Speed High Performance Pool Pump, 3 Horsepower, 230 Volt, 1 Phase – Energy Star Certified

Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo Variable Speed High Performance Pool Pump, 3 Horsepower, 230 Volt, 1 Phase - Energy Star Certified

Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo Variable Speed High Performance Pool Pump, 3 Horsepower, 230 Volt, 1 Phase – Energy Star Certified

Pentair is another popular model of the pool pump. With this type of pump, one can able to save energy up to 90 percent when compared to the traditional pump. It is important for you to see the best variable speed pool pump reviews for buying the Pentair pool pump. It is equipped with the eight programmable speed setting. You can access the ideal speed for utilizing various tasks such as heating, cleaning, filtering and others. These variable speed pumps are highly sold in the market today. The built in diagnostic provide the proper protection to the pool pumps and ensure the long life of the pump.

With the built in timer, you can operate the pump at the optimal speed. It provides maximum energy saving and efficiency. The pool pumps save the energy bill and offer efficient performance in cleaning the pool. You can assure the reliable speed of the pump. It keeps up the highly advanced features that provide the effective result to the users. You can search what is the best variable speed pool pump that fit for your money. You can make the proper search through the internet and access the best speed pool pump.

5. Hayward SP3400VSP Ecostar Variable-Speed Pool Pump

Hayward SP3400VSP Ecostar Variable-Speed Pool Pump

Hayward SP3400VSP Ecostar Variable-Speed Pool Pump

It is one of the best energy efficient pool pumps at the variable speed. This is the best hayward pool pump that uses the permanent magnet. This model is highly preferred for the energy efficient features. It is designed with the permanent magnet, totally enclosed fan cooled and hydraulic design. The pool owners save the maximum amount of energy rather than the traditional pool pumps. You can check the features and others involved in the pumps. It can be easily installed in different forms. You can get the option for the installation like standalone mode, competitive control system, and Hayward automation.

With the support of the safety vacuum release system, you can stop the suction entrapment without need of wiring, plumbing, and others. The best pool pump reviews help you to find out the best one for your requirements.  With the match pump flow, you can check flow rate matches when compared to the other models. This one gathers the debris and other unwanted things with the extra large basket. You can follow the cleaning schedule to clean the pool in a simple way. You can maintain the pump properly and save some bucks.

6. Hayward SP3202VSP 1.85 HP Variable-Speed Pool Pump, TriStar VS

Hayward SP3202VSP 1.85 HP Variable-Speed Pool Pump, TriStar VS

Hayward SP3202VSP 1.85 HP Variable-Speed Pool Pump, TriStar VS

Hayward is the famous brand for designing the best variable speed pool pumps. In the marketplace, it keeps the best name in the industry for the well-known design and features of the pumps. You can access the best pool pump forum and gain more details from others. In the forum, everyone provides different details about it. You can completely read and get an idea to buy the best one that comes up the great features. The pool owner mainly chooses it due to the low energy cost. It is completely programmable that best for ease of use.

It is the great option for the buyers to buy the great pump for the swimming pool. This one provides the great and high performance. It keeps up the maximum horse power of 1.85. You can use this one for any kind of pool. It is the best rated pool pump that provides unlimited benefits to the pool owners. It is designed with the digital touch pad control with the programmable clock. It uses the eight custom times functions. It has the improved advance totally enclosed fan cooled and permanent magnet motor. You can operate the pump in the form of standalone mode or the automation system.

7. Jandy JEP 1-1/2 ePump, Variable Speed 1-1/2-Horsepower Pump

Jandy JEP 1-1/2 ePump, Variable Speed 1-1/2-Horsepower Pump

Jandy JEP 1-1/2 ePump, Variable Speed 1-1/2-Horsepower Pump

It makes use of the high efficiency motor that pretty option for the pool owner. It is one of the cheap and efficient pumps that available throughout the world. If you are looking for the best one, you do the proper search and consult with someone for buying the best pump. You can follow the right buying guide to get the best pool pump for the money. The energy saving option of the pump helps you to save the required amount of energy. This pump save your money and time with the high efficiency features.

There is lots of great functionality present in the pump that helpful for the buyers. At the buying the pump, you can check the necessary things. You can select the best pump for draining pool on the market. It is suitable for reducing the noise level. It maintains eight variable speeds that designed to cater the needs of the pool owners. The pump comes up with the five control system options. It is featured with the large trap basked that becomes easy for the maintenance. You can avail of the easy to read indicator and ergonomic handles. You can check the price of the pump in advance.

8. Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 14-inch, 110-120V with GFCI

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 14-inch, 110-120V with GFCI

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 14-inch, 110-120V with GFCI

In order to maintain the ground pool water clean and fresh, this is the suitable choice for you. The best salt water pump for above ground pool offers excellent water filtration with the function valves. It is the best option for the pool owner to filter and rinse the water in the pool. It is the best pump for the above ground pools. It has the improved water filtration system. After cleaning the water, you can feel soft. You can gain some of the basic features involved in the pump.  You can know the features of the pump and arrange right amount of money to buy the pump.

It has the quick and easy cleaning strainer basket. It manages six function control valve that lets the user to filter, rinse, backwash and other. It produces the flow rate of 2,800 gallons per hour. You can check that the parts are installed in the item. It is the best salt water pump for above ground pool that available at the reasonable price in the retail store or online store. It is important to check the price of the pump and then go to buy the best one.

9. 4500GPH 19″ Sand Filter w/ 1HP Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump

4500GPH 19

4500GPH 19″ Sand Filter w/ 1HP Above Ground Swimming Pool Pump

If you are searching the best sand filter, this is the great choice for you. This is highly used in above ground pool. It is the highly recommended pool for up to 18,000 gallons. The pumps use the capacitor start that keeps the best price range. The pool owner prefers the best filter pump for above ground pool for the efficient cleaning system. This one manages the pool water always clean. The blow mounted tank present at the universal base. It has the top mount and multiple port valves. You can check the sand capacity of the pump while buying it.

For the buyer’s satisfaction, the manufacturer designs this one with the better sand capacity. This is regarded as the best sand filter pump for above ground pool. The pump keeps up the high sand bed capacity. It holds the sand capacity of 175 lbs. The highest suction of the pump is 34.5 feet. You can consider some important things when deciding to buy the pool pump. You can evaluate the features and other important functionality present in the pump.

10. WAYNE WAPC250 1/4 HP Automatic ON/OFF Water Removal Pool Cover Pump

WAYNE WAPC250 1/4 HP Automatic ON/OFF Water Removal Pool Cover Pump

WAYNE WAPC250 1/4 HP Automatic ON/OFF Water Removal Pool Cover Pump

The pool cover pump is better for removing the water from the pool cover and helps the owner to circulate the pool water. You can check the best rated pool cover pump that available in the store today. The Wayne pool pump meets the needs of the buyers for the kind design and construction. You can read the best pool cover pump reviews of the best cover pumps that worth for your investment. This one is designed with the outstanding features. The switch technology is the best feature of the cover pump. It helps you to minimize the chance of clogging that best for energy efficiency.

How to Choose the Best Pool Pump?

Are you going to purchase the top-rated swimming pool pump? Well, you should know certain aspects before making a purchase decision. Buying a swimming pool pump is vital because it ensures the cleanliness and safety of your pool.

Thus, you have to consider several factors to purchase the pump. Moreover, remember that there is no one size fit pump for all kinds of swimming pool. You have to purchase the right pump size for your pool. Below mentioned is the general guide to buying a pool pump so that make use of it.


The heart of the pool pump is the motor because it only determines how efficiently it works. It should design and engineer to work effectively and efficiently in both short term and long term. The significant factor to consider while choosing the motor is the power it delivers. When it comes to choosing the pool pump, the choice is quite big.

The power options of the pumps are different that ranges from ¾ to 2.5 horsepower. The deeper and larger the motor is the more power the pump will require keeping the pool water clean and filtered. Consider the service factor while selecting the motor and choose from top rated models.


The actual speed in which the swimming pool pump operates is not important. However, the important factor is the number of speed in which the machines come with. The device with the two or more speeds is actually more energy efficient because it can able to perform certain operations at the higher speed and other functions at a lower speed.

For example, if you set the higher speed on the device, it will clean the entire pool completely. Alternatively, if you wish to heat your swimming pool by the evening, then you can even set the pool pump at the slower speed. This helps the pump run the water via the best pool heat pump more slowly.

Pumps with two or multiple speeds are slightly costlier when compared to their counterparts. Even though these pumps will let you save money throughout the years during its operation. Thus, the device will repay the additional money that you invested in it.

Energy efficiency

Do you want each device that working on the electric energy should be energy efficient as much as possible? This will be true in the sense of pool pump. Yes, pool pump comes along with several features that contribute to energy efficiency.

Some of those features are speed control, speed, flow control rate, motor design, and type. In the ground, you will explore different models of pool pump that can help you save between 20% and 90% of the energy usually accessed to run the device.

Strength and durability

People always like to access the device, which works optimally and efficiently for years to come. This is why you should consider the device strength and durability. These two aspects play a major role in the usability and lifetime of the device.

The device internal part should be made from the strong metal, which is non-corrosive and will not be easily damaged by the chemicals used in the pool water. Most importantly, it should not damage by the hard abrasive dirt and debris. It should have thick plastic walls to keep it from the harsh environment.

Flow rate

The flow rate is one the highly important aspects to base your selection of the swimming pool pump on. The flow rate of the device is the number of the gallons in which the machine turns over every time. Hence, it is measured in GPM (gallons per minute). The flow rate of the pump is directly connected to the turnover.

The turnover actually represents the minimum time the pump takes for the entire volume of water in your pool to go through the filter. Typical time turnover required for the standard swimming pool size is 6/8/12 hours. To calculate the optimal flow rate of your pool, you have to choose any one of these numbers.

After that, you have to divide the swimming pool volume by the turnover time to measure your pool optimal time. The final answer (number) is the ideal flow rate of your swimming pool in GPM. Remember, the pool flow rate is highly affected by the water resistance and the piece of equipment connected to the pool pose. Thus, check this factor while choosing the pool pump to depend on the flow rate.

Noise production

In general, pool pumps are highly known to be noisy but because of the innovations in technology, it becomes quieter now.  While picking the pool pump, do not forget to check the device whether it comes along with the system, which offers noise reduction like an airflow ventilation system.

Some of the brands provide the data about the noise reduction in decibels. It is very helpful for buyers to pick the right one based on their needs. Additionally, you can able to compare different products according to this factor.

Extra features

The most desirable extra feature of the pool pump is the oversized strainer basket along with the transparent and easy to open the lid. In addition to, you can even consider the intelligent pump with the onboard computer. This regulated the water flow rate for higher energy efficiency.

Not only this, it also enables the user to control the pool pump remotely and to choose from various speeds and operation modes. With the integrated system, you will enjoy several benefits. Apart from these, you can avail many extra features in the pool pump so that purchase the one according to your demands.


Price is another important factor to consider while buying a pump because in the market you come across a product of both the high price and low price. Set your budget before shopping for the device so that you will end up your purchase the best within your budget as well. Besides, you have to think about the factors such as pump capacity and frequency maintenance while buying the best pool booster pump.

Types of Pool Pump: Features, Pros, and Their Cons

Do you know that choosing the pool pump is actually based on your swimming pool size? In case, if you have purchased the wrong pump type, then it may damage you swimming pool, the motor, and even consume more power than what it actually needs. Hence, it is better to know the types of pool pump available in the market before going with anyone blindly.

Generally, three types of the pool pump are available on the ground and they are single speed pump, variable speed pump, and double speed pump. Each of these pumps has different specifications and features. To choose the right one, it is necessary to know each other features, pros, and cons. Check out below to know complete information of different types of the pool pump.

Single speed pump

It is one of the popular choices of pool pump among the swimming pool owner as it is cheaper than others. This pump performs its work perfectly and efficiently. Contrary to, this pump consumer more power and makes it suitable for swimming pools, which are rarely accessed. Normally, the pump motor runs by spinning the impeller.


  • Has single induction style electric motor
  • Able to operate on single constant speed
  • Use induction AC motor


  • Highly effective at pumping water
  • Affordable poop pump
  • Easy to replace and find
  • Popular pump for long-term usage
  • One speed makes the device runs constantly at high


  • Not energy efficient when compared other pumps
  • Creates more noise
  • Consumes more electricity

Dual speed pool pump

As the name suggests, it can change its speed from fast to slow so that it is the best two speed pool pump. This type of pump actually works like the single speed pump.  Additionally, its pump also runs using the induction style electric motor. Using the frequency inverter and toggle switch, this speed setting can be changed.


  • Has induction style electric motor
  • The low-speed setting is at 1.725rpm whereas high speed is at 3450rpm
  • Low speed used for basic filtration and water circulation while high speed for performing certain operations such as running a pool heater


  • More versatile than single speed pool pump
  • Used for circulation and water filtration
  • Has low speed setting to ensure quieter operation and energy saving
  • High-speed option to make sure better suction and higher water movement


  • Expensive than single speed pump
  • Offer too little flow while access to the above-ground pool
  • The low setting is too low for the pool heater to run
  • Need to change settings manually

Variable speed pool pump

At present, many pool owners prefer the best variable pool pump to save you from more energy consumption when compared to single speed pump. It does not require running throughout the day. You can set the pump to run longer to make sure your pool stays fresh and clean.


  • Designed to pump extremely high volumes of water
  • Perfect for newly built pool
  • Needs 230V power supply to work
  • Flexibility to operate


  • The best variable speed pool pump runs on the permanent magnet motor (PMM)
  • It is last longer and runs quieter
  • Cooler than other pumps
  • Energy efficient and save your money on the utility bill
  • Programmable to run the pump according to your pool health
  • Automatically adjust speed to perform different tasks


  • Initial cost is higher than other pumps type

Benefits of Using a Pool Pump

The pool pump is considered as the heart of the swimming pool system. Without the pool pump, your pool cleaning system would not work. It also does not circulate chemicals into your swimming pool system and water properly & evenly. As a result, your pool will become unclean and unhygienic to swim. To keep your swimming pool clean and comfortable to swim, it is necessary to have a pool pump. Apart from this, you will avail plenty of benefits from the swimming pool pump. Check out below to know the benefits of using swimming pool pump.

Save money and energy

Cleaning the swimming pool on your own is extremely difficult than using the pool pump. Additionally, you require various tools and equipment to clean the pool manually so that it wastes your time and money. If you invest in the pool pump, it will do everything that you do manually in the even better way. No matter, what size of pool pump you are accessing, if run at the lower speed it saves your money and energy.

Avoid algae build up

When you start using pool pump, you will avoid the buildup of algae and other microorganisms, which are not visible for your eyes. As the swimming pool pump is circulating the pool water frequently, the pool should be less susceptible to the algae and other things. In addition to, it makes your swimming pool free from bacteria and other unhygienic things.

Achieve cleaner pool water

When you use pool pump, it can distribute the pool chemicals evenly and even capture unwanted particles efficiently. This results in the cleaner pool water for your family and friends to enjoy the swimming time. Moreover, clean water makes your stay away from the diseases such as red eyes, rashes, and much more.

Additional tips for using pool pump efficiently

  • Using the best pool pump timer, you can minimize the length of the time that you run your pool pump. This prevents lime and scale buildups in the heater. It also extends the life of the pool pump
  • If you have an outdoor pool, then it is better to access the best automatic pool cover pump to protect it from the external factors such as rain. It turns off the pump when the water reaches a certain level so that it would not damages the pump cover.
  • The best time to run pool pump is at night because it is cheaper and efficient as well
  • If you want to save your money, then the best time of day to run pool pump is between 9.00 PM and 9.00 AM. This is the time when fewer people consume energy.
  • The best time to run pool pump in summer is both morning and night based on your needs but it should run at least 8hours/day to circulate and clean your water properly. Now, you should be clear about when is the best time to run a pool pump so that run the pump in that time and enjoy various benefits.


Your swimming pool is a luxury piece so that it needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Even though you can clean the swimming pool manually, it is always better to keep the pool water filtered using the best pool pump motor. It will do the cleaning job more efficiently and easily when compared to the manual cleaning process. With the best pool pump, you will have a comfortable and great swim with your family and friends.

Choosing the top rated pool pump among the diverse products and brands is quite difficult. However, this article on pool pump buying guide and reviews will help you purchase the best pool pump on the market. It also gives more information about the swimming pool pump and its types. Therefore, you will become more knowledgeable with the pool pump and ready to choose the right one.

So, why are you still waiting for? Simply, clean your swimming pool by choosing the best pool pump motor brand in the market.

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