Best Pool Heater Reviews And Pool Heaters Buying Guide

Best Pool Heater Reviews And Pool Heaters Buying Guide

Best Pool Heater Reviews – Best Pool Cleaners

Do you find yourself on a goal to discover the best pool heater to your swimming pool? This is the correct article if you are looking for the following reviews as well.

  • above ground pool heater reviews
  • inground pool heater reviews
  • pool heater reviews for above ground pools

Our pool heater reviews will cover the below types of pool heaters. This can give you an overall idea of what you can expect in the upcoming in-depth analysis from pool expert.

  • best pool heater for above ground
  • best pool heater for inground
  • best pool heater for saltwater pool

Your search is over because we have a solution. On this pool heater reviews, we will mention the top pool heaters now offered on the industry, with professional opinions and our reviews on every item, including best solar pool heaters, best electric pool heaters, and best natural gas swimming pool heater. There are many best pool heaters within the industry and selecting the best for your swimming pool is a hard work, that is the reason for us to write this pool heater reviews.

Pool heaters can keep up the water hot even on chilled evenings or days once water conditions fall to unpleasant levels. They offer warm when needed. This article will help you find the best pool heaters above ground and best pool heaters for inground pools. Before buy your brand-new best-rated pool heater, you must know which sorts of best pool heaters are out there and the best way to select the correct model for your swimming pool.

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Find Out About The Various Sorts Of Best Pool Heater Types

First, there are various sorts of pool heaters. Propane, electric, solar and natural gas are a few of the various models you can order online. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The latest made gas heaters are usually simple to depend on, highly efficient and secure.

In the last several years, there was a demand in best solar pool heaters because the price of solar power panels reduces and the productivity improves. You can come across pool heater reviews on this site which highlight the benefits and drawbacks of the various models now available on the industry. Those best pool heaters were checkup by market experts.

Best Solar Pool Heaters

If you stay in places such as New Mexico, California or Arizona, a best pool heater might be the economical option to suit your needs. If you live in an environment where sunshine is much more occasional compared to regular and you nevertheless need a solar heat product, you may want to pair this with a gas pump or electric. A gas or electric heater can compensate – this is better to own an extra backup – and keep up your swimming pool while the sun shines.

A best solar pool heater includes some parts like a filter, solar collector, and pump. To be efficient, this is needed which the solar power heating system is attached in a place which faces the sunshine. Ensure that there are not any things like buildings or trees within the way which hide sunshine. This is costly for the first time since you want to buy the unit and panels for set-up. Also, you can also claim tax credits if you use renewable power source.


  • No cost energy
  • No emissions
  • Eventually, savings can cover set-up costs
  • Ideal for hot climates


  • Only operates if the sun shining
  • Only great in places with many sunshine
  • This may need many years to cover the cost
  • Want an extra heater in cold environments

Gas Pool Heater Reviews (or Propane)

A gas pool heater uses both propane or gas to produce warmth. The gas melts on the inside of combustion chamber unit. While water goes via the device, the copper rings within are warmed up together with the drinking water. Best natural gas swimming pool heaters were widely sold products at one period, yet the introduction of heat pumps and solar heaters made this obsolete.

These are affordable to buy, yet those could be costly to run. These are not power efficient, not climate-friendly and many models last ten years. With that being said, a best pool heater warms up your pool area water quickly.


  • Reasonably clean burning
  • Propane gas tanks are compact
  • Warms the swimming pool quickly
  • Warms the water no matter outdoor climate


  • Many emissions compared to alternate choices
  • Propane is expensive compared to organic gas
  • Costly for big swimming pools
  • Not fuel effective as extra choices

Best Electric Pool Heaters

As you know, an electric pool heater uses electric power to produce warmth inside of the product. When water flushes more than the resister, this warms up the pool water, the resister chills down again, as well as the cycle starts once again.

Since this sort of heater makes use of big quantities of energy, this is often useful to warm up portable spas or little therapy pools. Electric home heaters are often cheap to buy with much has pool heater prices under 2000 dollars. Those are climate-friendly choice since the heater does not produce fumes. Even though they are affordable to buy, those heating units are usually very costly to run and set up.


  • Good in climates under 50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Effectively uses electricity
  • No emissions
  • Could be used on solar power deficient places


  • Want a 220 Volts electric outlet closely
  • Electricity is the costly power source
  • Grid power could emit huge emissions
  • Want ideal pool deck area

Best Pool Heaters Comparison Chart

Before we continue on, we would prefer to show to you a few of the ideal pool heaters. Those all are highly recommended. Please be aware all those are not best three solar heaters or gas heaters. Those are the best in our opinion. See the below pool heaters comparison chart for separate reviews and analysis for further information. Nevertheless, before you buy one, we suggest that you go through this above ground pool heater reviews or gas pool heater reviews.

Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series

Hayward H400FDN Universal H-Series 400,000 BTU Pool and Spa Heater, Natural Gas, Low Nox


  • Size: 32″ x 38.5″ x 29.3 inches
  • British thermal unit (BTU): 400,000
  • Heating Type: Propane Gas, Natural Gas
  • Related Products: Heater Accessories
  • BTU Input: 150,000 – 250,000, 300,000 – 400,000, 401,000 – 500,000
  • Functions: Cupro Nickel Warm Exchanger, Extreme Hydraulic Environmentally Friendly
  • Voltage: 120/240/60/1

Hayward HP21404T Heat Pro 140000 BTU Ahri Pool Heater

Hayward HP21404T HeatPro Titanium 140,000 BTU Heat Pump, Square

  • Size: 32″ x 43″ x 40 inches
  • British thermal unit (BTU): 140000
  • Heating Type: Heat Pump
  • Related Products: Heater Accessories
  • BTU Input: 50,000 – 100,000, 101,000 – 140,000
  • Functions: Titanium Warm Exchanger
  • Voltage: 240/60/1

Hayward CSPAXI11 11-Kilowatt Electric Spa Heater

Hayward CSPAXI11 11 Kilowatt Electric Spa Heater

  • Size: 14″ x 11″ x 9 inches
  • British thermal unit (BTU): 37,000
  • Heating Type: Electric
  • Related Products: Heater Accessories
  • BTU Input: 150,000 – 250,000
  • Functions: Cupro Nickel Warmth Exchanger
  • Voltage: 240/60/1

Hayward H2101 H-Series Millivolt Gas Heater


  • Size: 34″ x 32″ x 30 inches
  • British thermal unit (BTU): 210,000
  • Heating Type: Propane Gas, Natural Gas
  • Related Products: Heater Accessories
  • BTU Input: 150,000 – 250,000
  • Functions: Cupro Nickel Warmth Exchanger
  • Voltage: 120/240/60/1

Why Buy A Best Pool Heater?

If you live anyplace apart from close to the earth’s equator, you may not use the swimming pool all year round with no pool heater. Even though you live in a hot environment, all swimming pools want a type of heating unit to keep up the pool area at a convenient swimming heat range. If you live in an area which experiences the cool climate, a best-rated pool heater is an essential. Warming a pool needs much time, effort and energy.

Selecting the best pool heater for saltwater is no simple work. If you own a swimming pool or searching to buy one on future, this is essential which you do your analysis and search into the various kinds of swimming pool heaters out there. There are lots of stuff you need to look at and we could do our level best to describe all of them beneath.

Propane, solar, gas and electric best pool heaters are the common kinds of heaters. All the things have their advantages. Based on which place you are and what sort of pool area you have, one might be ideal compared to one for you. Read our pool heater reviews underneath where we talk the various sorts of top pool heaters.

Know The Top Pool Heater Reviews Factors

Selecting the ideal pool heater for the swimming pool could be hard. For many buyers, their price range ends in being the choosing reason. Nevertheless, you want to look at all the choices and consider the advantages and disadvantages of every heater before buying.

Apart from the budget, the very important factors are mentioned below

  • Your best pool heater climate and place– If you stay in a place which never have enough sunlight, solar heaters might never be the ideal choice. Even so, you may still set up an extra heater to make sure that your swimming pool remains warmed always.
  • The best pool heater– For those who have a big swimming pool, the electric heater might not really be the ideal choice. In such cases, a solar heater or heat pump might be the much energy and cost efficient choice. An electric or gas heater should work good with a little pool or perhaps a compact spa.
  • Your best pool heater use– If you just use the swimming pool in the summer, an electrical heater is an excellent choice. If you are living in the off-grid place, a gasoline heating unit might be the solely choice. Also, best pool heater warranty should be least one to three years.

Best Three Pool Heater Reviews

1. Hayward H400FDN 400,000-Btu Organic Gas Pool Heater

This is our top recommended gas pool heater reviews. The Hayward H400FDN from Hayward brand is one of the best natural gas swimming pool heater. This is main reason the brand has turn into an innovator within the swimming pool heating market. Cheers to the power-saving hydraulic operation, the Hayward Gas Pool Heater can warm the 800-gallon swimming pool by up to thirty degrees in less than one hour and maintaining this easily hot with lowered pump flow, enabling you to experience an extensive swimming time without realizing a significant rise in your power bill.

This is a natural gas best pool heater type. Main advantages of this model are fast-acting, powerful, power efficient, LED control display and panel, fairly priced, and simple to set up. A few disadvantages are not weather resistant and a bit noisy.

Main product specifications and details

  • Multiple thermostat
  • 400,000-BTU Organic Gas Pool Heater
  • Electric ignition
  • LED control panel and digital screen
  • Cupro nickel warm exchanges
  • Polymer header to get enhanced hydraulic operation
  • Satisfies NOx emission rules
  • One-year best pool heater warranty
  • This offers lightning-speed and dependable operation using an easy press of a switch.

If you have analyzed pool heater reviews in find for the top, you can stop your research here. This model is simple to use, low-cost, and can warm 60,000 gallon swimming pool, this is simple to understand the reason behind the success of the Hayward H400FDN pool heater and now the top gas pool heater designed. Some buyers said this is one of the best pool heaters for above ground pool in their opinion.

2. Hayward H100IDL 100,000-BTU Pool Gas Heater

Little spas as well as above ground swimming pools include less floor surface and definitely does not want big pool area heaters able of spitting away 400,000 British thermal unit (BTU). Made with those little swimming pools under consideration and working at 81% thermal performance, this could warm a 450 square foot or so pool area to eighty-five degrees in simply a couple of hours. With a low-cost price and induced air mechanism, this is the top gas pool heater on the current industry for ground pools as well as personal spas.

It is a type of Gas Pool Heater. Important pros include power efficient, induced draft mechanism, affordable and can simply warm as high as the 450-square foot. Some minor cons are no built-in LED control display and restricted in its features.

Important item information and specs

  • 100,000-BTU gas heater
  • Electric ignition mechanism
  • FireTile ignition chamber
  • 120-volt cord offered for simple set up
  • Built for little above ground swimming pools

When this turns to best above ground pool heater reviews, this model is little small, but affordable. Nevertheless, its intelligent style allows this to run amazingly well in little to the intermediate-sized swimming pool. If you own a little swimming pool and need an easy heater which can get the work completed, this Hayward might be to you. This is one of the best pool heaters in our pool heater reviews.

3. STA-RITE SR400NA MAX-E 400,000 BTU Gas Pool Heater

This is our last gas pool heater reviews recommended for you. Made to work for a life long and outshine every single different swimming pool heater on  industry, this top pool heater might arrive in a little bundle, yet this certainly packs a strong punch. With correct heat settings, a corrosion-proof housing, and pre-combined fuel combustion mechanism, this remarkable heater is sturdy, simple to run, operates a lot better compared to most of the regular pool area heaters being created now.

It is a gas pool heater sort. Main advantages are power-saving, durable, compact, portable, LED display and control panel, environment-friendly, and less running charges. Some of the minor cons are a few buyers complaint about packaging and a bit noisy.

Main product details and information of this best pool heater

  • 400K BTU Gas Pool Heater
  • Corrosion-proof Dura-Glas mechanism
  • Large efficiency score
  • Simple-to-handle LED panel for control
  • Can self-fix the problems
  • Satisfies NOx emission guidelines
  • This best pool heater is user-friendly design and set up is easy

Overall, this is one of the best pool heater on the market. With corrosion-proof body construction, user-friendly design, LED panel, and many more, this is definitely one of the top pool heater reviews.

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