Make Use Of Aquabot Junior Pool Cleaner To Eliminate Debris And Dirt

Overview Of Aquabot Junior

Aquabot Junior is a performance-driven, cost-effective and state-of-the-art technology to clean your swimming pool in few minutes compared to other cleaners. This device does not have vacuum poles or hoses to mess with. Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic In Ground Pool Cleaner seems to be a self-contained cleaner having the drive, internal pump, and filtration system. This system is helpful in the systematic cleaning of the floor with reverse arc-turn and straightforward moments controlled by means of patented directional turning and internal microprocessor floatation. With the aid of these directional turning, Aquabot junior can able to clean any type of pool surface easily. The rotating scrubbing brushes of Aquabot will loosen with accumulated & break down debris.

Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic In Ground Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic In Ground Pool Cleaner

To neglect clogging & to access excessive dirt present along the edges of the pool are vacuumed through Aquabot junior device. It filters scrubs debris and dirt including bacteria, algae, silt, sand, bugs, acorns, pine needles, leaves and many others up to 2 microns. This device is developed for the pools up to 4-feet in length. It can able to operate at any time of day by connecting with the auto timer feature. The pump motor is individually sealed, brushes, water-cooled with lubricating oil and heat dissipation for longer life of the motor.

The cleaner, power supply, and cord are ETL listed with UL standards which are known as high safety & reliability certification of the industry. Every Aquabot is handcrafted individually & quality tested in the USA by oldest, largest & world leading Aqua products company. This product cleans without the use of hoses, booster pumps or filter system. Aquabot Junior is quite useful in saving about 50% of the total bills including chemicals, energy, water, and environment. The estimated timing for cleaning the whole floor area will be around 2 to 3 hours. It removes everything from fine particles to large leaves with the help of self-contained filtration.

Operation of Junior Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic In Ground Pool Cleaner is build with inside pump & reusable filter bag. The junior in-ground pool cleaner seems to be a plug & plug device with highly secure and reliable 24-volt push. This unit comes with 40 feet cable and patented swivel system which avoids tangling for optimum performance on cleaning activity & convenience. When the power switch is pressed the junior robotic pool cleaner will start to clean the floor with aid of strong vacuum action and jet-drive propulsion. The reusable filter bag will gather the debris within 2 microns including leaves and soil.

In comparison to pump-driven cleaners, the Aquabot will drastically decrease the pricing of the swimming pool maintenance & cost of chemicals as well. The Junior Pool cleaner has the capability to vacuum about 5400 square feet/hour by making use of the filtration rate to about 4200 gallons/hour. This unit seems to be incredibly light with about 10.5 pounds and it can able to clean any ground pool in just 30 minutes duration.

Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner – Exclusive Technology and Wonderful Device

The Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic In Ground Pool Cleaner is developed to scrub and clean residential in-ground floor pool in an easy way. This unit will easily scrub, vacuum and micro-filter debris, dirt and other contaminants present on the pool floor.  This device will easily climb the pool walls to bring clear pool water at the end of cleaning. The pool systematically cleans the patented flotation directional turning system and an internal microprocessor to easily clean any kind of floor surface configuration. With the help of automatic pool cleaner, one can able to easily clean the pool up to 40-feet length irrespective of the shape such as kidney shape, lap, L-shape, rectangle, round and oval shape.

Design & Accessories

The design aspect of the automatic robot is quite simple & it comes with a handle on one side of the device so that it can be easily placed or removed from the pool. The dimension of the product is 22x20x19 inches and has shipping weight of 34 lbs. The pool cleaner also comes with power supply & filter bag with intake extensions and flotation in case of need. In addition to that, it has a buoyant thermoplastic cable made up of rubber-cord along with the unit which measures 50 feet. It comes with high trademark built quality and it suits everyone budget and needs.

User-Friendliness And Durability

This unit does not encompass any booster pumps or hoses rather it comes with its own filtration system so you will never discover any problem while using it. However, it tends to clean the swimming pool quickly and does not require your assistance. Unluckily, it fails to have a remote control but it is never considered as the major problem. When you get the cleaner in your hand, you have to put the filter bag within the unit and then pug the power cord using GFCI outlet. After that, insert the power cable into the power supply and cleaner. After that, you have to keep the robot inside the water. When it touches the pool bottom floor, just switch on the power button. This product arrives with a 1-year warranty so you can claim for defects in case of faulty workmanship or material.

Noise & Energy Efficiency

The Robot is quite enough to operate whenever you need and it also an excellent option for saving energy as well. The power consumption of this model comes with 230W so that your electricity bill will be quite lower compared to the conventional cleaner. Rather than the fact that it is employed with lesser energy, this automatic robot will also assist you to save money on chemicals and water. Furthermore, this unit seems to be quite safe for the environment so you need not get worried about this aspect.

Finest Filtration

Aquabot Cleaners are developed with topmost finest filtrations which can able to scrub the dirt up to 2 microns. They get rid of debris present on the floor to make your pool look clear, physically cleaner and reduce unwanted chemicals. The Aquabot is developed to handle all sorts of work in an automatic way so that you need not do any physical work for cleaning the floor. You can enjoy having a clean floor by using this trendy unit.

Safe And Reliable

Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic In Ground Pool Cleaner undergoes thorough testing in terms of both performance and safety measures. This cleaner also gets approval from ETL (National Independent Organization) to ensure high-safety standard. All the aqua products are considered to be highly safety. Aquabot helps the pool owner to save chemicals, water, and energy. This cleaning unit is highly safe to use for any type of aboveground pool.

Features Of Aquatic Pool Cleaner

  • Lightweight & efficient, save money and time and cleans the pool in 30 minutes
  • Systematically clean the flat-bottomed aboveground pool floor of any shape
  • Safeguards the whole family by offering healthy water by filtering the debris down to 2-micron
  • It includes an internal microprocessor that aids the cleaner to move all over the pool to easily clean all the dirt and debris
  • It owns a motor which is ensured for a longer lifespan. It caters to the high-safety standards in terms of power supply
  • It can easily remove all types of debris and dirt which are 10-times smaller than that cannot be removed by main filters
  • It never gets stuck in the middle because huge wheels roll over footprints, liner ripples & raised drains.
  • It helps in reducing energy, filter media and water by about 50%
  • No installation and comes with simple plug & play operation
  • Self-contained with filtration system and internal pump, independently filters, vacuums & circulates with pool filter system or hoses
  • It is the most reliable in-ground pool cleaner ever manufactured with no gears, bearings, pads, belts, diaphragms, wings and virtually maintenance free.
  • It eliminates everything ranging from pine needles or palm leaves to pollen grains with reusable 23-quart microfilter bag and easy-to-clean technology.


  • High-performance sealed brushless pump motor
  • Removes fine debris and large leaves
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Reduces water & energy costs and chemical by about 50%
  • The jet-propelled system tends to easily clean the floor of pool in just 30 minutes
  • Reusable filter bag having bottom loading access
  • The Aquabot cleans up to 4800 sq. feet/hour and filters 4200 gallons/hour
  • Its dimension is 22x20x19
  • The shipping weight of the product is 34 lbs
  • Electrical specification includes 110V/60 Hz power supply
  • It has adjustable turning with help of lock pin in three directions
  • Extra-wide non-marring wheels which are suitable for ground pools
  • It suits the surface type tile, fiberglass, concrete/gunite, and


  • Good value for money spend
  • Comes with the automatic shut-off mechanism
  • It offers great performance
  • Non-marring wheels
  • It needs only 2-hour for its cleaning operation
  • 100% plug & play pool cleaner
  • The ultrafine filter absorbs sand, leaves, and dirt
  • Silent operation
  • Easy-to-operate & maintain
  • Own filtration system and a driver motor
  • Automatic and does not need any supervision


  • Limited wall-cleaning ability
  • Motor replacement is quite expensive
  • Poor design of power cord. It may get twisted

Aquabot Junior Pricing

The Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic In Ground Pool Cleaner comes with exceptional cleaning capability and outstanding durability. Not all pool floor cleaners are designed equal. Advancement in robotic technology will allow you to reap enormous advantages compared to the traditional cleaning. You will surely realize the major difference in terms of quality of cleaning. Aquabot offers perfect cleaning for healthier life. The price rate of the cleaner is $520.01. The cost of the product is quite low when compared to its fascinating features and specifications. This pool is developed for all types of in-ground pool sizes and shapes. Furthermore, it is highly safe for all kinds of surfaces including the vinyl floor.

Where To Buy

Are you looking for the best product to get Aquabot cleaner pool then you can search on Amazon? The wheel of the device is developed nicely to prevent the unit from getting stuck in between the raised drains or stains. The robotic pool cleaner is presently available on Amazon at a reasonable rate. The product does not need any complex setting or setup before, to begin the cleaning process. Just place the product in the pool and turn the switch so that it will complete the cleaning task in 2 hours duration. This product comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty which seems to be the massive benefit for the user because the cost of motor replacement is quite expensive.

Does Aquabot Have Cartridges or Filter Bags?

The Aquabot cleaner comes with finest filter bag which can able to scrub dirt particles which are 10 times smaller than what your eye can view. This device can able to filter-out fine particles of bacteria and algae which the main pool pump cannot trap. It is very easy to clean the filter bag to ensure high performance. The brushes let loose the dirt particles which are absorbed by the filter bag. It is necessary to clean the filter bag, failing to do will lead to restricted water floor, reduced suction power, dirty filter bag, and poor cleaning performance.

Overall Verdict

The impressive features and innovative technology of Aquabot Junior Automatic Robotic In Ground Pool Cleaner makes this pool cleaner as the good choice for each and every pool owner. This robotic cleaner is well-equipped with a robust motor which is capable of eliminating dirt about 45000 gallons/hour. Additionally, it also comes with dual-grip absorbing brushes that remove the unwanted debris and dirt from pool floor surfaces like fiberglass, vinyl, concrete and many others. Being an efficient device, it makes use of a self-contained internal pump and filtration system. The reusable filter bag comes with filtration unit which is capable to eliminate fine particles and large leaves down to 2-microns. Furthermore, this unit is quite easy to operate and use. By pressing the button, it will clean the entire surface of the pool.

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